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Welcome to the Ngu's Vedic Astrology Course for Beginners in the wonderful world of Astrology.

At Ngu’s Vedic Astrology School we teach principles that will forever become the core of your learning. This course is designed to equip students with the tools to read and predict in a horoscope/birth chart. We will teach you the basics along with Secrets learned through our professional careers. These classes will be live and hands on. You will be able to ask questions and see in real-time how teachings will work.

There will be a community on a whatsapp group where all students and teachers can talk about today lessons, talk about different techniques, practice, and students can ask for help outside of class.

In our first trimester we teach the importance of the foundation of Vedic Astrology, along with an definitive description and study of Houses, Signs and Planets. In learning houses we will teach House “groupings”, house descriptions, and house “significators”. We will teach signs like never before giving you the ancient wisdom of the zodiac and all its glory, teaching sign concepts only the greats would know. When it comes to Planets we will teach Planetary descriptions, Planetary “friends and enemies”, Planetary Avatars, Planetary Combustions, Retrogrades etc.

When learning astrology this is the basic of basics but it is where someone will become a great astrologer or stumble along the path. This trimester will be the most important for all students to build an astrological foundation that will always be easy to build upon. Let Ngu’s Vedic Astrology show you the way.


Astrology----- "it's a deep study". ~Ngu Khemhotep

Unlock Cosmic Wisdom: Delve into the mystique of astrology through our comprehensive program.

    • Structured Learning Journey: 3 Semesters, meticulously designed over 9 months, comprising 10 immersive Modules.

    • Flexible Pricing Options:

      • Single Semester: Embark on your astrological journey from just $600.
      • Full Program: Immerse yourself in all three semesters, starting at an unbeatable $1600.
    • Easy on the Pocket:

      • Payment Plans Available: We understand your journey is as unique as the stars. Tailored payment options to suit your cosmic rhythm.
    • In-Depth Modules Cover:

      • Foundations: Lay the groundwork for astrological mastery.
      • Signs & Descriptions: Decode the language of the stars.
      • Houses: Explore the celestial abodes of influence.
      • Planets: Uncover the cosmic forces shaping destinies.
      • Nakshatras: Journey through the lunar mansions.
      • Placements, Aspects & Conjunctions: Connect the celestial dots in intricate patterns.
      • Planets & Ascendants: Understand the nuances of planetary alignments.
      • Yogas: Master the art of cosmic synergy.
      • Timing Techniques: Perfect your timing skills for precise astrological insights.
      • Planetary Transits: Navigate the celestial currents influencing life’s journey.

At Astrology School, we don’t just teach; we guide you through a transformative experience. Join us as we decode the mysteries of the cosmos, laying the groundwork for a journey that goes beyond the ordinary. Your celestial education begins here.

"Just remember, I am only trying to free your mind Neo". ~Morpheus​

Enroll Today! Choose one of the options below.

  • 1 Module $225
  • 1 Semester- $600 Paid In Full or $675 Payment Plan
  • 3 Semesters – $1500 Paid In full or $1600 Payment Plan

Referral Benefits:

– Get a $50 discount for each friend who signs up for the class based on your referral.

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